For the love of God, watch hockey!

It’s getting late and I have a paper to write, but I’m taking an important break. I’ll be up very late tonight writing, but I don’t care, I’m still elated after what I just witnessed. That’s right, my beloved Colorado Avalanche beating the Dallas Stars 5-4 in overtime to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Quarter Finals back to Denver as a seven seed.

With just under five minutes gone by in the first overtime period, Bill Guerin of the Stars ripped a slap shot past Avs goalie Jose Theodore that rang off the goalpost. The Avs turned around and charged the other end with the puck. Milan Hejduk ended up behind the net and passed it up to Jean-Michael Liles who threw a shot on net that was tipped in by Joe Sakic for the win in sudden death. It was pure beauty.

This kind of end-to-end action has characterized the new NHL all year. And you most likely haven’t been watching. As some know, the NHL didn’t play last year, they were in a lockout. I won’t get into that period of time because it is a painful reminder of hockeyless times, and it will take a really, really long time to explain what happened and I’m sure most of you don’t care. After the financial dispute between the league and the players union was FINALLY resolved, the NHL changed several rules to make the game more fast-paced, goal heavy, and more action-packed.

The red line, or the center line of the ice was eliminated from ruling thus allowing the rule of the two-line pass. Before the puck could not be passed over two lines, that resulted in a stoppage of play. Now, the puck can be passed almost the length of the ice without stoppage, resulting in more breakaways and scoring. Another important change was the reduction in size of goalie pads, which were mammoth before the lockout. Goalies now have a harder time stopping shots which allows for higher scoring games and a lot more action. Goalies also can no longer handle the puck behind the net, which will allow the opposing team to create more scoring opportunities. Penalties were assessed more strictly, making the game fairer throughout it’s duration. Also, fighting is more strictly penalized and fined, which may not be good news for some, but it makes the game more family friendly. But by far the most important rule change was…

The shootout. The NHL decided to scrap the idea of games ending in a tie and installed the regulation that after a game ends in a tie after an overtime period, the game goes to a shootout where each team gets five chances to have their best skaters go one-on-one with the other team’s goalie. It is a new level of excitement. Here’s a little taste of what you’ve probably not been watching.

I know, hockey was very easy to ignore this past season. It was never that highly rated on ESPN, and now guess where it’s regularly broadcast? The Outdoor Life Network, or OLN, channel 68 on your local basic cable. Also, I’m pretty sure not that many people knew hockey was even going on, I would often try to talk about hockey and people would say, “Oh I thought the league folded.” No, it didn’t.

Hockey has become America’s forgotten sport, but it doesn’t mean it can’t come back. No matter how popular it is, I will always love hockey. It is a combination of sports in a way. It has the hitting of football, the precision it takes to play baseball, and the athleticism of hockey players rivals basketball players. I really think it’s worth tuning into just for a few minutes even if you don’t know anything about hockey.

Sure, Milwaukee doesn’t have a team, but maybe just try watching these playoffs for entertainment. Or pick a team, how about the semi-nearby Detroit Red Wings, also the best team in the NHL. The nearby Wisconsin Badger hockey team just won a national championship, maybe you should root for them.

The playoffs are miles above the regular season with drama and excitement that is unmatched. Tune into a game and you’ll see what I mean. The fans really do a good job of taking intensity to another level. Just wait for the Stanley Cup Finals. You can catch games basically all evening on OLN, and on the weekends, they’re on NBC.

I know sports fans have given up on hockey, but maybe you should give it another try. After all, you could really like it, and then maybe everyone would see hockey the way I and many other fans see it.

Important Elements of Musical Instruments


More dense strings vibrate slowly than those that are made from lesser dense materials.

Different Stringed Instruments

The different stringed instruments include the guitar – an instrument made of metal or nylon strings typically strummed using a pick. It is typically made from wood. Other examples are bass guitar, piano, cello, violin, mandolin, harp and santoor.

The Wind Instruments

Wind instruments produce sound through air vibration from a pipe or tube. The air vibration depends on the air chamber size. Larger chamber or tubes produce deeper sounds. Music is produced by covering and uncovering the air holes. Among the most common wind instruments are clarinet, saxophone, bagpipe, harmonica and flute.

The Brass Instruments

Like any other, the brass instruments work on frequency and air vibration. This time, the length of the instrument chamber influence the pitch produced. The larger the pitch chamber is, the lower the pitch sound. Most of brass instruments have holes also known as valves to control the air way. As one presses the valve, it alters the path of the air thereby changing the sound length produced within the pipe instrument. Trumpet, French horn and bugle are examples of brass instruments.

The Percussion Instruments

Have you heard of drums, cymbals or marimba? All these are percussion instruments where sounds are mainly produced by striking objects on the surface of the instruments.

New Generation Instruments

Electronic instruments are regarded as the new generation instruments like electric guitar, piano, etc. Not all electric pianos are created equally so we recommend you to research digital piano reviews before making your wise purchase.

While it is interesting to know the different musical instruments, it is also good to know that music comes with many advantages. Music is not merely for entertainment. There are people who use music as opportunity to grow psychologically and financially. Research showed that even babies inside the mother’s womb are greatly affected by music in terms of intelligence quotient. Music has become a major tool in assisting child birth as it gives calming effect to women during labor and delivery. Also, music is proven to enhance speech and memory. When a child learns to love music, he is unlikely to get into bad habits and vices. Music has been correlated to academics too. Studies revealed that those who love music likely excel in class.

In the medical field, music is utilized in many rehabilitation centres. It aids in recovering acute to chronic pain. Music gives new meaning to the depressed and restful sleep for the anxious. By playing it, attention is diverted to more pleasurable things.

In the society, it gives a seemingly unique effect on relationships. A party can never be called party without it. Music is a part of life whether it is a usual gathering, official function or weekend getaway. Most of all, we worship God by singing or playing the sounds of music.

These days, music is no longer limited to radios and television. Music can be played anywhere at any time using different gadgets like cellular phones, iPad, smartphones, tablet PCs with or without electricity. No wonder how the music industry boomed to cater all music lovers worldwide.

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