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New Fence for The Tavern

If you are looking for a fun time, you may feel that you do not have a lot of options around campus. It isn’t always easy to find nearby entertainment options that will not break your bank. We are a tavern that wants to change the way you look at entertainment. We are constantly looking for new ways to draw people together within our walls. We are always searching for something more to add to give everyone a much more enjoyable experience than what they had the last time they visited us. For this reason, you will soon notice that we have a new fence for the tavern. Do you want to find out what will be hidden within our fence?

Our Tavern’s Features

Inside, we have dart games, pool tables, foos ball,  a jukebox, karaoke, and more. We have ample seating and tables for you to play cards at. We have a friendly staff that can address all of your issues if you happen to have one. These things are designed to challenge and excite our visitors. We occasionally host challenges to enable visitors to compete to be the “best” at their most favorite indoor activities.

Outside, we are just now beginning to expand and create a space that is geared toward socialization. This spring we will start renovating our backyard. We plan to add a fair amount of seating, a large fire pit, and a stage in the outdoor area where people can get together and sing, dance, or do other things. This area will be separated from nearby properties once we find the right fence types for our needs. We want to provide privacy for our guests and keep people out during times when you may have rented our outdoor space for your best friend’s birthday celebration.

Come and Join Us for Fun

Our goal is to provide our guests with an exciting place to socialize with their friends and make new acquaintances. Most of our new features will be reserved for special occasions and weekend entertainment, but this will only serve to make us more unique among taverns in this area. Other campus bars have things inside of them to keep their guests happy, but we want you to come to us for more than quick hookups and a drink. We want for you to enjoy having a place like ours to visit when you are tired of hanging out at home, want to hang out with friends, and meet new people to see if you can find others to add to your social circle. As time goes on, we may add even more to our indoor and outdoor spaces, but for now, we simply want to show our guests that we are the place to be. We want for our visitors to know that we will do what it takes to ensure that they have something to do come Friday or Saturday night, and perhaps a few nights during the week, as well.

Exciting Ways to Make Your Campus Tavern More Fun

If you own a campus tavern, drawing people is the only way you are going to make money. Considering the clientele that you are hoping to draw, this should be a relatively easy task. You just need to discover new ways to draw in a crowd of people who want excitement along with their round of drinks. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

StPatricksDay-220x300Host a St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day is an easy day to make money. Everyone uses it for an excuse to party hard and spend major money. With a little planning and a willingness to change up the routine in your campus tavern, you should be able to reap the rewards in a big way.

For instance, advertise that you will host it and then stock up on food coloring and anything else that is green themed. You can then add a drop or two of food coloring to drinks or sprinkle green confetti and clovers on the tables. Host a karaoke night that uses only Irish Pub songs. Encourage visitors to dress up in a sexy leprechaun costume; this will be sure to draw college aged guys from all over.

Add an Outdoor Fire Place

Everyone loves fire. Turning an area outside of your campus tavern into a fire pit could also draw a crowd. It is something unique that not many taverns consider doing. Invite people to bring marshmallows or perhaps set a bowl on the outdoor tables with a handful of large marshmallows in it. This will require you and your staff to do very little and your guests will love it.


Create Bar Games for Guests

Karaoke where the crowd votes winner, adding a dart board, invite guests to challenge your bartender for a coin toss for a potential discount on their next drink. Create a wall of fame and challenge guests to sample everything on your menu over a certain amount of time or to even drink a specific drink so many times per month to get their name on your wall. None of these games have to be extreme and most all will draw a crowd once people realize that you are doing it. The coin tosses and karaoke or any of the other games may be done just weekly or monthly. You get to choose.
WillyWonka-116x300Theme Nights

Hosting a theme night is another great way to draw a crowd. Consider turning a night that is usually slow for your tavern into a fun night out for others. Offer a buy one get one promotion for a certain drink or some other menu item. Offer guests the Mardi Gras theme randomly. Have customers compete against one another for ugliest hats or craziest pajamas. If you add a craziest hat competition, it is sure to draw some willy wonka costume contestants. A ladies night or a large TV for the big game are also good ideas for you to consider. For sports fans, you may also have a jersey night where anyone wearing their favorite jersey can have a small amount off for the evening.

People love visiting campus taverns that give them a little more of an experience. They want and crave fun, you can do it by even giving them a single’s night to meet other singles and it will not cost you a dime. If you want to succeed, you need to keep that in mind and return guests will come even on nights when you are not hosting special events.

How to Look Great Even in Your 40’s

Wearing dresses could be challenging to most women with voluptuous thighs. In this case, you need something that would work on your tops to even out your hips and thigh shape. Pegged cuts should be avoided at all cost as these make your lower extremities look bigger. What about if you have a straight figure? No problem. Go for custom-made dress with built in curves. Avoid thin fabrics and stretchable pieces. This will make your body look straight.

Overall, the sheath dress is among your best closet pal. Choose the right cut. Check the armholes that won’t constrict your arm movement nor too open to make you bra visible. Hemline should fit your height. Avoid wearing them too long or too short.

Casual Outfit

Boot-cut jeans are fantastic pair to wear. Trendy denim is no longer fabulous at this age, so as skin-tight skinny jeans. Rather, go for classic styles and subtle shades paired with silk blouse. You may tuck in your blouse and wear a classy belt.

Professional Outfit

Sheath dress does it all. Experiment with colors and styles. Be sure to pick a nice pair of sandals that would flatter the overall get-up. Unless, you’ll be heading for executive conferences, pants and suits with blazers look great.

One Hot Summer

You don’t want to look too bare or show off your cleavage and thighs with those pair of mini-shorts and spaghetti stringed garments. Try a plain shirt and shorts just an inch or two above the knee.

Bags and Clutch Purse

Pick various styles of bags. Pick varying colors as well. Spoil yourself with expensive handbag. Black, white, pastel shades are good. Might as well pick red and denim if different sizes.

General Tips to Look Your Best

Do not dress younger than your age. Why? It doesn’t help mask your looks. Instead, it makes you even older. Miniskirts and mini shorts are big no no even with the best shaped legs. The simple reason, it’s not age-appropriate. Avoid bright colors and too trendy stuff too. Use accessories to create impact. Pearls, silver and gold pieces should be part of your collection.

Do you have issues on wrinkled neck? Cover those fine wrinkle lines with scarf or stand-up collar clothing. Also, you may pick turtle neck shirts. Thinner and short hair cuts age. Try hair dyes too if you start to grow white hairs. Don’t afraid to explore new stuff. Keep on reading about latest fashion and trends on sites like You probably want to emulate some of the actresses and stars at your age. Otherwise, you may seek the expert advice. Visit a fashion designer or a stylish once in a while to help you.

Change your lifestyle and lose weight now

Two of the scariest words that send many people running for the door are “diet” and exercise”. We all want to be thin and toned like the stars we see in movies in magazines, but there are a few realities we must face first. The first one is that we too often set unrealistic goals for ourselves, which ends with us getting discouraged when we don’t meet these goals or we don’t meet them as soon as we’d like. The second is that we try unrealistic diets that are nearly impossible to stick to and so we end up cheating, and ultimately, giving up and then splurging on everything we deprived ourselves from. This usually results in actually gaining weight. Then we are right back to where we started and we lose all motivation to change our lifestyle because it’s too “difficult”. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few small things you can change that will overall improve your health and will lead to losing weight.

First of all, replace the junk food in your house with healthier snacks, such as fruits or almonds. Instead of chips, buy some grapes. Junk food is a go-to often because it is convenient. If it is not in the house, chances are when you are hungry, you aren’t going to go out and buy just potato chips. You will find something else around the house to snack on. If you keep healthier options handy, you will end up grabbing those or probably nothing at all and waiting until your next meal. Eliminating junk food from your house will go a long way. If you are a junk food junkie, you will be surprised how fast the pounds fall off when you take this first step. Not only that, but it will save you money on groceries as well. Bonus!

Secondly, replace all soda and sugary beverages with water. This is something that most people struggle with, myself included. We are supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and most people in America do not meet that quota. Force yourself to get that water down. Not only will it cleanse your body, but there are so many other benefits from water. It keeps you hydrated and energized and it’s great for your skin. Not only are the sugary beverages causing you to gain weight, but they are terrible for your teeth. It might be difficult to give up at first, but you will feel so much better when you do. You won’t ever want to go back and if you do, you will find that one can of Pepsi will have you feeling bloated and crappy.

The next thing to focus on is exercising portion control. This is a biggie! Most of us aren’t even aware that the portion sizes served up in homes and restaurants all over America are way too much. If you travel anywhere else outside of the US you will realize how ridiculous it actually is. Try cutting your portions back. It’s easiest if you do this before you cook, because chances are if you cook it, you will eat it. You might be thinking “well what if I’m still hungry?” You will be surprised to find that cutting your portions back really will not deprive you. Eat what’s in front of you and you will likely be satisfied. Wait 10 minutes and if you are still hungry, then have a little more. Most likely, you will realize you don’t need any more. The best part is you won’t be completely stuffed and miserable like many people are after eating which is how it should be. We are supposed to eat to satisfy our hunger – not to be so full we don’t want to move from the couch for an hour! This is a sure-fire way to start dropping some weight. This doesn’t just go for cooking. Next time you hit up Subway, order a 6 inch and not a foot long. The 6-inch will fill you up and keep you going for the rest of the day, I promise! And, if you are craving something sweet, go buy a fun size candy bar at the convenient store rather than a king size. It’s a quarter of the calories and fat, but will quench that craving you have. Once you get used to eating like this, your stomach will actually shrink and you will find that you don’t need much food to fill up after all.

Lastly, add some activity into your daily routine. This doesn’t mean you have to start waking up at 4 am to sweat your butt off for an hour before work. That just sounds horrible and you will probably be pushing that snooze button. Eventually you might want to get to that point, but for now you can start small. Start by making small changes. Rather than letting your dog in the backyard to play, take him for a walk. Instead of driving a half mile down the road, walk. If you have a desk job, force yourself to take a stroll through the office a few times a day just to get on your feet. Try using your lunch hour to walk around the parking lot, especially if you find it difficult to fit in before or after work. Rather than asking for someone to grab you a drink, get up and get your own. Otherwise, find an activity that you actually like so that working out is not work. If you enjoy it and you don’t dread it, you won’t look for excuses to skip it. My go-to workout is rebounding on my kids’ trampoline. 30-45 minutes jumping on a trampoline is not only a great cardio workout, but it works out many parts of your body. If you don’t have a trampoline, some of the best trampolines are very budget-friendly. Another option is if you have a swimming pool, this is a great way to work in some exercise into your daily routine.


Important Elements of Musical Instruments


More dense strings vibrate slowly than those that are made from lesser dense materials.

Different Stringed Instruments

The different stringed instruments include the guitar – an instrument made of metal or nylon strings typically strummed using a pick. It is typically made from wood. Other examples are bass guitar, piano, cello, violin, mandolin, harp and santoor.

The Wind Instruments

Wind instruments produce sound through air vibration from a pipe or tube. The air vibration depends on the air chamber size. Larger chamber or tubes produce deeper sounds. Music is produced by covering and uncovering the air holes. Among the most common wind instruments are clarinet, saxophone, bagpipe, harmonica and flute.

The Brass Instruments

Like any other, the brass instruments work on frequency and air vibration. This time, the length of the instrument chamber influence the pitch produced. The larger the pitch chamber is, the lower the pitch sound. Most of brass instruments have holes also known as valves to control the air way. As one presses the valve, it alters the path of the air thereby changing the sound length produced within the pipe instrument. Trumpet, French horn and bugle are examples of brass instruments.

The Percussion Instruments

Have you heard of drums, cymbals or marimba? All these are percussion instruments where sounds are mainly produced by striking objects on the surface of the instruments.

New Generation Instruments

Electronic instruments are regarded as the new generation instruments like electric guitar, piano, etc. Not all electric pianos are created equally so we recommend you to research digital piano reviews before making your wise purchase.

While it is interesting to know the different musical instruments, it is also good to know that music comes with many advantages. Music is not merely for entertainment. There are people who use music as opportunity to grow psychologically and financially. Research showed that even babies inside the mother’s womb are greatly affected by music in terms of intelligence quotient. Music has become a major tool in assisting child birth as it gives calming effect to women during labor and delivery. Also, music is proven to enhance speech and memory. When a child learns to love music, he is unlikely to get into bad habits and vices. Music has been correlated to academics too. Studies revealed that those who love music likely excel in class.

In the medical field, music is utilized in many rehabilitation centres. It aids in recovering acute to chronic pain. Music gives new meaning to the depressed and restful sleep for the anxious. By playing it, attention is diverted to more pleasurable things.

In the society, it gives a seemingly unique effect on relationships. A party can never be called party without it. Music is a part of life whether it is a usual gathering, official function or weekend getaway. Most of all, we worship God by singing or playing the sounds of music.

These days, music is no longer limited to radios and television. Music can be played anywhere at any time using different gadgets like cellular phones, iPad, smartphones, tablet PCs with or without electricity. No wonder how the music industry boomed to cater all music lovers worldwide.

For the love of God, watch hockey!

It’s getting late and I have a paper to write, but I’m taking an important break. I’ll be up very late tonight writing, but I don’t care, I’m still elated after what I just witnessed. That’s right, my beloved Colorado Avalanche beating the Dallas Stars 5-4 in overtime to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Quarter Finals back to Denver as a seven seed.

With just under five minutes gone by in the first overtime period, Bill Guerin of the Stars ripped a slap shot past Avs goalie Jose Theodore that rang off the goalpost. The Avs turned around and charged the other end with the puck. Milan Hejduk ended up behind the net and passed it up to Jean-Michael Liles who threw a shot on net that was tipped in by Joe Sakic for the win in sudden death. It was pure beauty.

This kind of end-to-end action has characterized the new NHL all year. And you most likely haven’t been watching. As some know, the NHL didn’t play last year, they were in a lockout. I won’t get into that period of time because it is a painful reminder of hockeyless times, and it will take a really, really long time to explain what happened and I’m sure most of you don’t care. After the financial dispute between the league and the players union was FINALLY resolved, the NHL changed several rules to make the game more fast-paced, goal heavy, and more action-packed.

The red line, or the center line of the ice was eliminated from ruling thus allowing the rule of the two-line pass. Before the puck could not be passed over two lines, that resulted in a stoppage of play. Now, the puck can be passed almost the length of the ice without stoppage, resulting in more breakaways and scoring. Another important change was the reduction in size of goalie pads, which were mammoth before the lockout. Goalies now have a harder time stopping shots which allows for higher scoring games and a lot more action. Goalies also can no longer handle the puck behind the net, which will allow the opposing team to create more scoring opportunities. Penalties were assessed more strictly, making the game fairer throughout it’s duration. Also, fighting is more strictly penalized and fined, which may not be good news for some, but it makes the game more family friendly. But by far the most important rule change was…

The shootout. The NHL decided to scrap the idea of games ending in a tie and installed the regulation that after a game ends in a tie after an overtime period, the game goes to a shootout where each team gets five chances to have their best skaters go one-on-one with the other team’s goalie. It is a new level of excitement. Here’s a little taste of what you’ve probably not been watching.

I know, hockey was very easy to ignore this past season. It was never that highly rated on ESPN, and now guess where it’s regularly broadcast? The Outdoor Life Network, or OLN, channel 68 on your local basic cable. Also, I’m pretty sure not that many people knew hockey was even going on, I would often try to talk about hockey and people would say, “Oh I thought the league folded.” No, it didn’t.

Hockey has become America’s forgotten sport, but it doesn’t mean it can’t come back. No matter how popular it is, I will always love hockey. It is a combination of sports in a way. It has the hitting of football, the precision it takes to play baseball, and the athleticism of hockey players rivals basketball players. I really think it’s worth tuning into just for a few minutes even if you don’t know anything about hockey.

Sure, Milwaukee doesn’t have a team, but maybe just try watching these playoffs for entertainment. Or pick a team, how about the semi-nearby Detroit Red Wings, also the best team in the NHL. The nearby Wisconsin Badger hockey team just won a national championship, maybe you should root for them.

The playoffs are miles above the regular season with drama and excitement that is unmatched. Tune into a game and you’ll see what I mean. The fans really do a good job of taking intensity to another level. Just wait for the Stanley Cup Finals. You can catch games basically all evening on OLN, and on the weekends, they’re on NBC.

I know sports fans have given up on hockey, but maybe you should give it another try. After all, you could really like it, and then maybe everyone would see hockey the way I and many other fans see it.