How to Look Great Even in Your 40’s

Wearing dresses could be challenging to most women with voluptuous thighs. In this case, you need something that would work on your tops to even out your hips and thigh shape. Pegged cuts should be avoided at all cost as these make your lower extremities look bigger. What about if you have a straight figure? No problem. Go for custom-made dress with built in curves. Avoid thin fabrics and stretchable pieces. This will make your body look straight.

Overall, the sheath dress is among your best closet pal. Choose the right cut. Check the armholes that won’t constrict your arm movement nor too open to make you bra visible. Hemline should fit your height. Avoid wearing them too long or too short.

Casual Outfit

Boot-cut jeans are fantastic pair to wear. Trendy denim is no longer fabulous at this age, so as skin-tight skinny jeans. Rather, go for classic styles and subtle shades paired with silk blouse. You may tuck in your blouse and wear a classy belt.

Professional Outfit

Sheath dress does it all. Experiment with colors and styles. Be sure to pick a nice pair of sandals that would flatter the overall get-up. Unless, you’ll be heading for executive conferences, pants and suits with blazers look great.

One Hot Summer

You don’t want to look too bare or show off your cleavage and thighs with those pair of mini-shorts and spaghetti stringed garments. Try a plain shirt and shorts just an inch or two above the knee.

Bags and Clutch Purse

Pick various styles of bags. Pick varying colors as well. Spoil yourself with expensive handbag. Black, white, pastel shades are good. Might as well pick red and denim if different sizes.

General Tips to Look Your Best

Do not dress younger than your age. Why? It doesn’t help mask your looks. Instead, it makes you even older. Miniskirts and mini shorts are big no no even with the best shaped legs. The simple reason, it’s not age-appropriate. Avoid bright colors and too trendy stuff too. Use accessories to create impact. Pearls, silver and gold pieces should be part of your collection.

Do you have issues on wrinkled neck? Cover those fine wrinkle lines with scarf or stand-up collar clothing. Also, you may pick turtle neck shirts. Thinner and short hair cuts age. Try hair dyes too if you start to grow white hairs. Don’t afraid to explore new stuff. Keep on reading about latest fashion and trends on sites like You probably want to emulate some of the actresses and stars at your age. Otherwise, you may seek the expert advice. Visit a fashion designer or a stylish once in a while to help you.