Sarah Parkman

I am a junior at Indiana University majoring in Journalism and Political Science. My senior year of high school my dad told me I could do anything I wanted so long as it wasn’t political science. I had to do it anyway…politics are my passion.

I am a member of IU College Democrats and Save Darfur. I also am a leader for Young Life, a high school Christian ministry. I worked on Joe Kernan’s gubernatorial campaign in 2004. Currently I am looking for an internship for the summer, so if anyone knows of a good one, let me know!

The most important aspect of my life is my faith. I know it is surprising to find an evangelical Christian in the same body as a Democrat, but I am living and breathing proof that it can happen. I am a strong supporter of Jim Wallis, author of God’s Politics. God does not have political parties; he does not bless only America. For the Christian Right to monopolize God and declare that all liberals are Godless is not only wrong and insulting, it is also extremely dangerous and causes America to continually be viewed as the bully of the world. I firmly believe that the tenets of my faith call all people to look out for others, to care for others, and most importantly to love others. It does not give free reign to blatantly attack anyone on the basis of their moral values or lifestyles.

I am looking forward to engaging in discussions about a wide variety of topics. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me